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Top Tips to Reduce Boiler Issues Over Winter

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Thu 16 Dec 2021

Top Tips to Reduce Boiler Issues Over Winter

With nobody wanting to experience a cold Christmas, boiler manufacturer Ideal Heating have issued 5 top tips to avoid boiler breakdowns over the festive period and beyond.  Both landlords and tenants can play their part in avoiding issues by paying heed to the tips offered:

1. Service the boiler
Having a regular boiler service will make sure the boiler is running efficiently and safely;

2. Gradually switch the heating on
Turning the heating on gently gives the maximum opportunity to locate any problems;

3. Don’t turn up the heat too rapidly 
Having a boiler on too high will only waste money and energy - most households should be between 18°C and 21°C, and slightly higher for elderly tenants;

4. Get a smart thermostat
This allows you to control a thermostat and may take unnecessary strain off boilers whilst saving money and energy;

5. Bleed radiators
If you notice heat isn't circulating the whole radiator evenly, it probably means it needs bleeding. This gets rid of trapped air that could have built up over the period it has been off for - most well-maintained heating systems bleed radiators annually.

Our Lettings office will be closed from lunchtine on 23rd December until 9am on Tuesday 4th January 2022, during which time only emergency maintenance issues (such as having no heating or hot water or any issue that compromises the safety of the property) will be tended to.  Prior to the holidays, Brittons' tenants are encouraged to report maintenance issues via the PropertyFile app so that they can be resolved before they become an emergency issue.

If you are a landlord with West Norfolk property to rent and would like the peace of mind of having a managing agent to deal with maintenance issues, give us a call on 01553 692828 and let Brittons let for you.